Open Access DOI resolver

Welcome to the open access Digital Object Identifier (DOI) resolver: you give it a DOI and it gives you back an institutional repository URL for the article it refers to (hopefully with open access full text).

Try it out

This will only work for DOIs that have been harvested. For example, try 10.1007/s00148-012-0424-x.

How to use it

This interface is subject to change.

A HTTP GET request to /resolve/<DOI here> should return:

A request to /redirect/<DOI here> will redirect you straight there instead (just like

Both will also accept the DOI as a parameter, so /resolve?doi=<URL-encoded DOI here> will behave the same as /resolve/<DOI here>.

About me

My name is Jez Cope and I work in higher education, helping researchers collaborate and communicate with technology.